We convert tech to value (and keep our customers happy)

Our Sales team is where we interact with customers, and ensure that all the great tech we develop really come to good use and create value for both us and our customers.

Any position in our sales team are perfect for those who want to combine broad technical fluency and curiosity, with anoutgoing attitude and social skills. And frankly, for those enjoying the thrills of doing real business. That are customers can be huge and globally recognized companies do not detract from the thrill... Nurturing existing customers and grow together, and hunting for new customers that haven't yet realized how we could help them, are two facets that are equally exciting.

We implement Vidhance in devices that might sell in tens of millions of units. This puts us under pressure to prove that our solutions are fantastic, and to ensure that they work perfectly in time for our customers' commercial launches.

  • Our Customer Engineering team works closely with our customers to help integrate our ever-evolving software into each unique imaging pipeline environment, with high requirements on speed, power consumption, and final video quality.
  • Our Technical Sales team presents our solutions, showing off our expertise, and convince our soon-to-be-customers about the merits of teaming up with us. We also scouts for new technologies and needs that our customers want (whether they know it yet or not) and that we can provide. Understanding the pains and preassure our customer experience is just as important as knowing our own products inside out.
  • Our Sales team is ultimately responsible of transforming the value we provide into money. Working with large customer accounts requires a strong business mindset. Proper key account management covers many facets; building strong relationship, explore and build networks, understanding the customers both short- and longer term needs, and how to navigate, negotiate and push a deal to closure - and how to ensure we build a strong trustworthy platform to build on for many years.

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