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‚ÄčThis "Department" is a bit special, insofar it does not exist

Whereas in the other departments we have a decent idea what we are looking for, and what you as a candidate could expect, this section aims to show our genuine interest in being influenced and inspired by ideas and talents that we did not even think to ask for. We are in exciting and dynamic times. 

As a company, we are growing, and making a stronger and stronger name for ourselves in the world. At the same time, the world is also growing, in so many aspects - complexity, availability of data (and the bandwidth in which to move it), new technologies being deployed, human interactions and expressions, etc. 

The larger the world gets, the smaller it feels. In our space, we look with excitement how cameras and other sensors make their ways into both old and new products, propelling new use cases, new behaviors and in some cases new business logic. Machine learning and AI in general is a strong force not only in "our" imaging space, but we are surrounded and affected by these forces, such as smart devices (IoT) becoming smarter. 

From our current strong position with top notch software running close to cameras and sensors, there are so many opportunities to explore, and new places we want to visit. Do you have ideas, talents our experience that you think can help push us forward? 

At this stage of deciding if to make a first contact with us, we don't care if you come into this from a deep tech or business side, if you are "junior" or "senior" (whatever that means), if you have spot-on past experience or if you are coming from a completely different angle into this. If your core is entrepreneurial and your mood is curiosity, then please make contact, and let us know what could be built, and why


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